Wild Columbine Jumbo Wildflower 300 Seeds

Wild Columbine Jumbo Wildflower Hummingbirds love to feed at the showy and colorful blossoms of this popular wildflower. With it’s bright red and golden nodding flowers, the Columbine adds a summer-like glow to your prairie or flower garden. One of our favorite native wildflowers, this perennial will come back year after year.

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    Columbines are a favorite flower for hummingbirds, and are excellent additions to the rock garden, or as a native woodland planting. They tend to cross-pollinate, hybridize, and self seed freely, creating new strains and colors.

  • Outsidepride Columbine Blue Star 1000 Seeds

    This Columbine has white petals which are framed by a layer of blue sepals, creating a star effect. Remarkably beautiful. A superb domesticated wildflower for the shady garden, in spring to early summer. Very special for its fancy-lobed, dusky blue-green leaves and unusual, spurred flowers.

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    These famous Columbine flowers were bred by combining both the North American native columbines with others from abroad. Many people think columbines are the loveliest flowers of all, and they are certainly important in the wildflower world.