Strawberry Sarian Red 50 Seeds

strawberry sarian red seedsTraditional strawberries from seed the first year! Day-neutral. Healthy, dark green plants bear delicious, small to medium-size, deep red berries the first year from midsummer until frost. Ideal for pack sales, containers, and hanging baskets. Plants produce runners. Plants should be mulched in cold winter climates. Resistant to fruit rot and powdery mildew. Grows best in zones 5-8. SPECIAL NOTE: GETTING STRAWBERRIES TO GROW FROM SEEDS IS VERY DIFFICULT. YOU NEED GROW LIGHTING, A HEAT PAD AND PATIENCE. 3-31-2012 I started these and it took about six weeks before they even started looking like they were going to grow. This was my fourth try. I will have about 24 great plants this year.

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