Organic Heirloom Royalty Purple Bush Beans Seeds

The Heirloom Royalty Purple Bean variety has a purple bush, purple flowers, and even purple beans. This variety adds beautiful color to your garden and has a delicious favor when cooked. It even has a built-in blanching indicator for freezing (the beans turn green when they are blanched). Mexican bean beetles avoid this variety. We recommend that you plant these bean seeds directly outdoors on the last spring frost date and up to 6 weeks after the last spring frost date. Placing: Full Sun Planting Depth: 2-inch. Spacing: 4-inch. Maturity: 60 Days Plant Type: Annual 10-percent of all seed sales will be donated to the State Farmers Market Association We feel it’s very important to support local farms, farmers and their families. This line of seeds was developed in collaboration with the State Farmers Market Association. For each on-line purchase we will donate 10-percent of seed sales to the Farmers Market Association so they can continue to support local markets and help local farmers. Our Heritage Farmers Market Seeds are Certified Organic seeds from small, independent farms. For four generations our family-run seed packing business has provided quality seed to farmers and families. It all started with our Great Grandfather, Cecil Solly, a horticulturalist in the Seattle, Washington area from 1924 until his death in 1965. During his lifetime he was the editor for Northwest Gardens Magazine, had a daily column in The Seattle Times, The Tacoma News Tribune and Western Homes Magazine. He starred in a 30 year running daily radio program called “Garden on the Air” and was Founder and President of the Puget Sound Seed Company. Grandpa Cecil was very active in local gardening communities and clubs – always ready and willing to share his gardening knowledge, making him the Original Master Gardener.

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