Himalyan Tibetan Goji Wolfberry Fruit Bush Lycium Barbabarum Seeds

Goji Wolfberry Fruit Bush Lycium Barbabarum SeedsLavender flowers with reddish orange fruit. These seeds have been completely removed from the fruit, so they all you have to do is plant them. You will not need to spend hours picking the seeds out of sticky berries. Goji Berries can be eaten dried as a tasty snack like cranberries or raisins. They have a somewhat similar taste to these as well but are more tart.

Goji Berries have been called a super-food because they are so rich in vitamins and other important nutrients. They berries also played an important role in ancient Chinese medicine, and have long been very popular around the world and have more recently gained great popularity in the US. While these plants grow into fairly large bushes if allowed, you can keep them pruned to a smaller size and grow them conveniently in pots or in hanging baskets to make berry picking much easier. Get ready to enjoy!

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