Herb Sage White 300 Organic Seeds By David’s Garden Seeds

Herb Sage White 300 Organic Seeds by DavidUsed to make the smudge sticks common in Native American ceremonies. Bushy plants with thick stems and dusty gray-green foliage. Good for bee and wildlife forage. Medicinal: Used for skin washes and as a natural deodorant. Mild tea is used as a general tonic.

Hardiness zones: 6-9. Avg.

More information: White sage is a two to five foot evergreen perennial. The flowers emerge in summer and are white with a little lavender. They pucker-back with the stamens hanging out to the sides. White sage gives the bees fits because they can’t get in and out very well. Bumblebees seem to be able to fight their way in and hummingbirds figure it out. White sage leaves start out crinkly grey/green and become smooth white. White Sage can be a slow growing, difficult to establish plant that can take up to three years to reach a mature size. These are had to germinate and we recommend starting indoors with a heat pad and grow light

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