Heirloom Seeds Sweet Banana Pepper

Heirloom Seeds Sweet Banana PepperI always save a spot for these large, 6-inch long peppers in my garden. They are mild and sweet, and I like to use them in salads, sauteed or pickled (easy to do!). My new favorite thing is to add them to the medley of my onions and peppers that I saute for fajitas…out of this world! The Sweet Banana blooms green, turns yellow, and then ultimately fully matures to a nice red color if it remains on the vine that long. This All America Selection winning variety is a heavy producer with a compact size, making it perfect for patio or container growing. If you want the most abundant and productive crop from your peppers plants, along with the best texture and most complex flavor, PLEASE do not overlook our MegaPepe product. This is the most incredible organic soil amendment you could possibly use on your pepper plants, and you will be amazed by the results. 72 days. 20 seeds.

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