Glory Frisee Curly Endive Seeds

As with most greens, lettuces and radishes they do much better in the cool seasons.

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    Broadleaf has lettuce like leaves that are broad and somewhat twisted. The leaves form approx. 12″ heads that are tightly packed together with a well blanched creamy heart.

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    This salad green, also known as escarole, produces large, broad leaves on plants up to 15″ (38cm) across. The leaves are slightly twisted and have a sharper flavor and more substance than lettuce. Use mixed with other greens in salads, as cooked greens, and as a garnish. Tastiest crops are timed for harvest during the

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    Plant produces good yields of large, dark green, endive leaves with white ribs. Slow to bolt, frost tolerant and produces well even under difficult conditions. An outstanding variety. Excellent greens for salads