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4 Habits of Highly Effective Gardeners

How To Start a Garden with Expert Tips

For most people, gardening tends to be an act associated with hobby, relaxation, and not surprisingly, a leisurely retirement ride. After all, according to a recent article from CNN, cultivating a spread of petunias and produce can help to reduce stress, increase mental alertness, and help to reduce rising blood pressure. Not to mention the

How to Start an Herb Garden in 3 Surprisingly Simple Steps

how to start an herb garden

Herbs are an innately unique kind of plant. Applied for a wide array of medicinal, flavoring and fragrant purposes, herbs plots are one of the most versatile kinds of gardens an individual can cultivate. However, herbs can be both difficult to come by (more so than produce), and significantly expensive. And though the rich flavors

5 Indoor Gardening Mistakes That Are Murdering Your Crops in Cold Blood

indoor gardening

Plants are far from needy creatures. Give them a bit of compost to nibble on, some UV rays for sunbathing, and some distilled water for drinking, and you’ve got yourself the necessary components for fruitful indoor gardening. But as low-maintenance as perennials, herbs and produce may be, we humans seem to be perpetual examples of

How to Start a Vegetable Garden In 4 Foolproof Steps

How to Start a Vegetable Garden

Although an icy winter chill continues to coat much of the landscape, the promise of a luscious spring bloom is budding right around the corner. And with the most popular planting season of the year on the horizon, many newbie gardeners are flirting with the notion of putting down the grocery shopping basket, and learning

7 Perfect Plants Organic Gardening Newbies

organic gardening

Of all the recent new-age trends to hit the masses this past decade, it’s safe to assume organic eating, being and thriving sits somewhere near the top. And while a major bulk of the followers tend to flock towards Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods repeatedly, you could say the most fervent organic fans treat organic

Beat the Chill of Winter Gardening, In and Outside the Home

winter gardening

Amidst the plummeting temperatures, social activity stand-stills, and inevitable window ice-scraping, it’s no wonder that nearly 15 percent of the population has experienced some variation of seasonal depression or despair during the treacherous winter months. In comparison to the sunny summer season, it can sometimes feel like life has been put on stand-by from November

How Kids Gardening Cultivates Crucial Life Skills

kids gardening

It’s no secret that gardening boasts a bounty of benefits. On top of the readily-available, fresh produce at your disposal, the healthy characteristics found in gardeners have been decorated across countless studies, from bone repair to blood sugar reduction. But while the advantages of adult gardening tend to fall in the meditative and health categories, in