Flower Cosmos Double Click Mix 25 Seeds by David’s Garden Seeds

Flower Cosmos Double Click MixUnusual double blooms in a range of colors. Tall plants with large, fully-double and semi-double blooms. Shades of carmine, pink, and white make this a great cut flower and garden addition.

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    This gorgeous, snowy white cosmos with 3-inch blossoms is very showy in mass, and makes a dazzling complement to colored cosmos. Blooms are single and semi-double, with delicate, crepe paper-like petals. Cosmos are a superb choice for wildflower or naturalized areas, as they are drought tolerant, and neglect is the kind of care they prefer!

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    Cosmos flower seed can be a great addition to any flower garden as a border plant. With greater orange color and more vigor than most any other type of flower seed, Cosmos Orange stands out as a bedding and border treasure that you neighbors will want to plant as well!

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    If you are a wildflower purist, then you might not want this hybrid Cosmos flower in your meadow; however, most home gardeners are delighted to have this beauty. Cosmos Picotee is a hybrid of wild cosmos that has beautiful red edges on each petal. Yes, it’s just as easy to grow and just as much