Chicory Radicchio Leonardo Organic Seeds by David’s Garden Seeds

Organic Radicchio for fall and winter harvest. Very uniform, dense heads are 4-5″ in diameter. Color and flavor are enhanced in the cooler fall weather. High bolt tolerance. Organically grown. Includes a free pack of Red Rib Chicory.

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    Rich maroon 4-in. heads are splashed with snowy white midribs— striking in the garden and on the table! Tasty peppery leaves with a hint of sweetness are wonderful in salads. Excellent cooked, too. Shows good resistance to bottom rot, tip burn and bolting.

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    Leaves are sharp-flavored, use sparingly in green salads. May also be saut�ed, steamed or grilled with meats. GARDIN HINTS: Do not plant too early in spring or plants may bolt (go to seed). In early fall, cut off all leaves above the crown. New growth in cool weather produces the small, red, cabbage-like heads.

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