Black Krim Tomato 30 Seeds

Black Krim Tomato 30 SeedsHEIRLOOM TOMATO: Heirloom Tomatoes are just what their name implies. They have been handed down, through generations of farmers and gardeners, from family member to family member. Many of these tomato varieties are known to have thrived since the 1800’s.
Unlike hybrids, they are not selectively bred for taste or appearance. They are open-pollinated, growing ‘true to type’ plants, like their predecessors, from seed. Heirloom Tomato Plants will add untraditional color and pleasing variety to your garden harvest.
Black Krim Tomato: Plant must be staked or caged, flattened, globe shaped, 8 – 12 oz., dark red-purple fruit with delicate skin, green shoulders, green tinted flesh, full flavor with slight saltiness that enhances the taste, very juicy.

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