Bok Choy Pak Choi Chinese Cabbage 299 + Seeds

Staple green for stir fries has succulent stalks and dark green leaves
Needs full sun to partial shade with moderate water
Matures in 65 to 75 days
Easy to Grow


This graceful vegetable with Chinese origins has spread throughout the world Pak Choi features dark green leaves atop white spoon-shaped upright stems. Stems vary considerably in thickness and shape. The slight mustardy flavor of Pak Choi makes it a delightful addition to stir-fries, soups, noodle and meat dishes, and salads, if the young leaves are used. In China, the coarser leaves are often pickled. Some Chinese cooks also dip the leaves in boiling water and hang them out to dry in the sun for several days. Drying enables this highly perishable vegetable to be stored for winter months. Asian cooks use the entire plant at many stages of development. Planting Instructions Included

Bok Choy Pak Choi Chinese Cabbage 299 + Seeds
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