Begonia Wax White Seeds

Begonia Wax White seedsWax Begonia (Semperflorens White) – Uniformity is the trademark of most wax begonias: tight mounds of closely packed leaves covered with blossoms. Fibrous begonias perform well in rich, well-drained soil, but the soil must be allowed to dry between waterings. They’ll form tight, compact plants in full sun, with increasingly looser form and fewer flowers as you move them deeper into the shade.

Wax-leaved begonias lend themselves to large, formal plantings because of their uniform size and shapeliness. They’re also suitable in front of summer annual borders and combine well with other cool-colored flowers in mixed plantings and containers. Wax begonias like good garden soil that is high in organic matter that will retain moisture keeping the soil cool. If plants become scraggly pinch the stems back to encourage compact growth. Wax begonias require regular watering to look their best but will survive periods of drought.

Wax begonia is a favorite bedding plant – use them to create masses of color in low beds and borders and individually in container gardens. Many of the dwarf varieties only grow to 6 in (15 cm) and are perfect for edging.

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