Astrantia Major Perennial Seeds By Thompson And Morgan

Astrantia  Perennial SeedsSilver to rose cushions of flowers, surrounded bya stiff ruff of ray-like bracts of a similar hue. Longlasting when cut.

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  • Astrantia Venice By Breck's Perennials Astrantia Venice By Breck’s Perennials

    By far the most floriferous astrantia we have seen. Produces more than 600 blooms each season once established! Each wiry stem will bear at least 80 ruby red, pompon blooms throughout the season.

  • Astrantia Mixture By Breck’s Perennials

    We offer a gorgeous mixture of deep reds, pinks and silver pinks with small, starlike blooms on multi-branched plants, carefully selected by our experts in Holland. Carefree plants thrive in full sun to partial shade and will increase in number each year.

  • Astrantia M. Ruby Cloud Perennial Seeds

    Thin upright stems bearing large flowers of ruby, tinged in apple green. True from seed and wonderful in the damp border.