Anaheim Chili Pepper New Mexico Capsicum Annuum 300 Vegetable Seeds

Anaheim Chili Pepper New Mexico If you love peppers, you are in the right place! We currently have 17 varieties of pepper seeds available! From sweet and mild to blazing hot, we are sure to have the pepper for you!

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  • Pepper Anaheim Chile Seeds Pepper Anaheim Chile Seeds

    Use them green or wait until they turn red, these medium-hot, 7-8 inch peppers are perfect for stuffing and flavoring Tex-Mex dishes. All-purpose variety with mildly hot flavor. Harvest 80 days from transplant.

  • Hot Pepper Anaheim Hot Pepper Anaheim By Gurney’s Seed & Nursery Company 64684-82

    Mildly hot, 6- to 8-in., medium-thick, tape red peppers ripen from dark green to red. Bushy, upright plants. This item ships only in the spring. If our spring shipping season is closed, your order will be shipped the following spring.

  • Pueblo Pepper 20 Seeds Anaheim Pueblo Pepper 20 Seeds Anaheim Type

    Improved anaheim type. 6″ tapered mild peppers. Grows in upright clump. Matures in 80 days.