Alyssum Sweet Rosie O’Day Seeds

Alyssum Sweet Rosie O'Day Seeds The Alyssum Sweet Rosie ODay, Lobularia maritima’, displays rose-pink blossoms on low, compact plants. This sweetly scented Alyssum is covered with tiny rose-pink flowers that form mini-rosettes. Sweet Rosie Odays bloom in late spring through first fall frost. The Alyssum blooms very quickly after seeding, usually in about 6 weeks. In climate zones 9 and 10, they can bloom all year. Sweet Rosie ODays prefers full sun or light shade and rich, well drained soils, but Alyssum is not too picky and can withstand poor soils also. Plant them after the last average frost date in the spring. In mild areas, seed can be sown in the fall for winter blooming. This plant is excellent in rock gardens, in hanging baskets, in the foreground of borders, and as a ground cover

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