All American Heirloom Parsnip 100 Seeds

All American Heirloom Parsnip 100 Seeds Do not start this seed indoors as with all tap root plants it very much resents being transplanted.

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  • Hollow Crown Parsnips Seeds Hollow Crown Parsnips 1000 Seeds

    Mild, white flesh is fine-grained. Develops a sweet, nutty flavor after frost. Matures about 105 days. Mature roots are 12in. long, 3in. thick. Does best in deeply prepared soil.

  • Harris Model Parsnip Seeds Harris Model Parsnip Seeds Pastinaca Sativa Vegetable Garden Seed

    Parsnips are long roots, much like a carrot, that have a flavor resembling that of nuts. The Harris Model parsnip is a great variety that has uniform white roots. The roots grow up to 12″ long with tender, sweet flesh. The Harris Model parsnip is an All-American Selections winner.

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    Vigorous hybrid. Slim, smooth, tapered roots. Like Lancer with added vigor, and thus earlier and larger. Same high quality and canker resistance. High-germinating seeds.