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50 Seeds Rosemary Herb Rosemarinus officinalisRosemary (Rosemarinus Officinalis) anciently had a reputation of strengthening the memory. At weddings it was dipped in scented water and worn by the bride. It was also used as incense at religious ceremonies. Today it is used in lotions, hair products, teas and as a seasoning in food dishes. Rosemary was believed to bring clarity of thought.

Rosemary seed also makes a great ground cover because it spreads vigorously, and is highly resistant to deer, drought, and pests. Imagine a stand of rosemary tumbling over a low wall or spreading across the dry, sun-soaked ground in your garden! This tough little garden gem is one of the most ornamental plants around, yet there is no beating its usefulness when sheer coverage (and plenty of color!) is needed.

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